Clean up 3.13.2021 and 3.14.2021

Hello Hickory Grove Golf Family, 

It looks like the weather is in our favor for OUTSIDE cleaning up at the Golf Course this weekend. We are excited to get the course in tip top shape. 

We plan on starting at 9am and ending at 3pm both Saturday and Sunday. Food and drinks will be provided. If you plan on joining us for lunch please contact Greg at 6084850241 by 5pm on 3.12.2021—we would like to be sure that we have enough food! Thank you.

During our clean up on the course. We will help you get conditioned for your ‘21 golf game. You will not need your golf clubs or any golf balls during clean-up. We can help you will your self-pacing training by the following: little muscle confusion, cardio workout, side steps, lunges with rotations, abdominal core workout, cat-camel stretches, and other health and wellness needs ((((smiling)))).

If you have the following items, please bring them. Be sure to put your name on your items so the other golfers do not try to take your items (shovel, rake, tree trimming saw, wheelbarrow, working gloves that fit your hands, push broom, hands tools, pruners, lawn chairs, or anything that you think will make the work easier for you!

Our plans for the weekends: have FUN, put up the flagpole, clean tee boxes-(we will have mulch for all tee boxes [should be delivered on Friday]), trim trees- (low hanging branches so the tractor can get underneath), bag all aluminum cans- (money will go towards Rookie golf), clean cart shed, clean sand traps, clean up under billboards, clean flower beds around the club house, clean brush and trees, clean trash in the ditches, cleaning around the pond, bring brush to the brush pile, reset cart parking numbers, burn the brush pile-(weather permitting), and any other miscellaneous duties 

Thank you for the 2021 Tee Boxes sponsor’s 1) Abby and Greg Goodman 2) Allison and Kurt Meyer 3) Robin and Jerry Lenz; Rita and Tito Novinska  4) Anne Walker and Sheryl Richter 5) Galen Freymiller 6) Brenda Hudson and Marcia Bahl 7) Tracy and Kathy Wanger; Joan and Lance Horstmeier  8) Jason Hill 9) Whitney and Chuck Zink; Dana and Pig O’Brien.

Please pass the message to anyone you think would like to help this weekend.

Thank you for your support and help ~~~~Greg and Heather~~~~ 

The volunteer acknowledges that there are risks in participating in the clean up of Hickory Grove Golf & Country Club, LLC. The volunteer agrees to release Hickory Grove Golf & Country Club, LLC from any liability/claims/recourses from personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by the volunteer, including injury resulting in death and financial loss or damage directly or indirectly resulting from the volunteer’s activities/participation in clean up. 

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