2020 Membership Rates

Family $925
Couple $858
Single $655
Senior (Weekday only) $517
Senior Couple (Weekday only) $695
Student $300
Single Unlimited Cart $350
Couple Unlimited Cart $480
Family Unlimited Cart $250 / per child
Trail Fee $200
Cart Storage $140
Locker Rental $27

Family Membership
Includes all immediate family members up to the age of 22 and still in school. Student ID for verification.

Senior Membership (Weekday only)
62 and older. Green fees required for weekend play.

Student Membership
22 years or younger. Still in school. Student ID for verification.

Single Unlimited Cart Pass
Good for the individual who purchased the cart pass.

Couples Unlimited Cart Pass
Good for the couple who purchased the cart pass.

Family Unlimited Cart
Per child 16 or older and still in school.

Trail Fee (per cart)
Not responsible for damages. Insurance strongly encouraged. Personal carts may be used by cart owners and family living within their household only. Example: if a non-pass holder rides in a private cart, they are subject to a cart fee; no exceptions.

Cart Storage Fee
For the golf season. Not responsible for damages or theft. Insurance strong encouraged.

Locker Rent
For the golf season. Rental for one locker. Not responsible for locker content.

  • Must be 16 to drive on the course.

  • Any damages to the course and/or equipment are the responsibility of member.

  • Wisconsin law does not allow persons to bring alcohol beverages for consumption at a golf course, regardless of whether the golf course has a retail alcohol beverage license/permit. Golf course owners may be prosecuted for allowing illegal consumption of alcohol beverages at the golf course.

All prices include taxes according to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for Golf Course 11.27.19 Final.

  • Thank you,

    Greg, Heather, Jeffrey, Alyssa, and the Hickory Grove employees.

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